This talk is about Spam and Anti-Spam measurements. It's in German only.


Anti-Spam Talk at Linux-Info-Tag 2007

At the Linux-Info-Tag of my home town Dresden I gave this talk that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Here are the slides (1.9MB). Spam is still an increasing waste. The idea of the talk was to provide some insight why we are spammed and what you can do about it. Actually, it was planned as a C3D2 Themenabend. I'd better had done it this way since 1h is just way too short. Now, that I've started the slides I promised to organise a TA early next year. Subscribe to the c3d2-newsfeed to not miss it (In case you are interested). Further, if you'd like to participate in introducing you most favorite anti-spam tool or the like please contact me. I'm also very happy to receive feedback to the talk and suggestions for the TA.

Slides / Folien


Slides of the Anti-Spam talk.

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